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  Personal Care:

Experience personalized care in the comfort of your home with our dedicated home care service. Our skilled caregivers help with your daily living tasks:

Ensuring Safe Morning and Night-time Transitions
Support with Washing, Bathing and Showering
Dressing in Preferred Attire and Assistance with Undressing
Aid with Mealtime Activities.
Safe Medication Administration Assistance
Incontinence Care Support
Accompanying for Shopping Needs
Hair, Skin, and Hygiene Maintenance Assistance
Contact us to tailor a care plan that suits your individual needs.

Elderly Care and Support at Home:

As we get older, we may need a little bit of extra help and support. Exactly what support is needed will vary from one person to another. Maaya Care Healthcare provides care that’s focused on individual needs. Through our teams of healthcare staff, we are in a position to provide you or a family member support to help maintain independence and lead a fulfilling life.
Our skilled healthcare staff are available with a variety of care and support tasks, depending on people’s needs. we can support you with occasional visits for respite to 24-hour care packages. The level of care provided can be adjusted and enhanced as people’s needs change. The aim is to help people remain independent while maintaining a fulfilling life. Care packages can include any or all the following:
• Personal Care – Help with washing, dressing, and other day-to-day personal activities.
• Medication Support – Administering medication. Helping to remind people when they should take medication.
• Continence Care – Help access the toilet or care involving a catheter or stoma.
• Mobility Assistance – Supporting moving around the home and outside.

Dementia Home Care and Support:

Dementia is frightening and confusing for both people with the condition and their families and friends. Expert dementia care in the home can make the process of coping with dementia a little bit easier. People with dementia can remain in familiar surroundings while receiving the care and support they need. At Maaya Care we’re dedicated to a bespoke, individualised person-centred approach to healthcare. We employ a wide range of qualified carers, and healthcare professionals who are available to work on a one-on-one basis where needed with the people we support. Maaya Care take a holistic view of dementia care. We believe that dementia care is more than just helping an individual cope with their symptoms. Professional dementia care is about ensuring that the individual can live as independent and fulfilling a life as possible.
All our healthcare assistants, and support workers are trained in mental health care. They empathise with each individual and will work toward their care plan. In our complex care services, where we manage care packages, the dementia care plan is routinely assessed and adapted as symptoms develop. Our staff can assist in a wide variety of different areas:

Medication – Staff who are trained to administer and support with medicines can remind people to remember to take their medication or administer it.
Personal Care – Assistance washing, dressing or using the toilet if required. Always keeping the dignity of each individual in mind.
Household Chores – Dealing with the laundry, tidying up and other household chores
Meal Preparation – Dementia sufferers often fail to eat properly. Our staff can prepare meals and ensure clients eat healthily.
Independence & Hobbies – Taking clients out to see friends or helping them participate and join favourite hobbies or events our staff will take a proactive approach to support people with dementia to maintain their independence and participate in fulfilling social activities
Following the initial diagnosis, we will create a bespoke care plan that is tailored to the needs of your loved one.

Overnight Care at Home:

At Maaya Care, we offer a bespoke approach to care in the home. Every step of the way we strive to provide the best care to the people we work with. The overnight care we offer is tailored to each individual’s needs and concerns. There is a wide array of different elements to overnight care. Our healthcare assistants, and support workers can provide any or all of the following:

Medication Support – Providing or administering medication through the night if required.
Toilet Visits – Helping an elderly or vulnerable individual to use the toilet.
Company & Comfort – Dementia sufferers or other vulnerable people may feel afraid or unable to spend the night alone.
Supervision & Support – Helping and protecting an individual with dementia or similar symptoms. If they wake alone.
Changing Sleeping Position – Helping with changing position in bed. This is crucial for those recovering from an operation or a serious injury
Catering for Complex Care Needs – We have staff who specialise in the treatment of many different complex conditions.

The starting point for an overnight care plan is an initial discussion with you or a loved one. This is done through a friendly, senior care assessor who will discuss your needs or that of a loved one. This initial discussion will form the basis of the overnight care plan. This information is provided to our highly trained care assistants who will deliver the support the service user requires. Our staff work on a shift pattern to ensure that the people we work with are provided with the best care. We regularly assess and review the support we offer to the service user to ensure that it is the best it can be. If you or a loved one’s condition worsens or changes, new elements can be introduced to their overnight care. We only employ care assistants with genuine compassion and a desire to provide the highest standard of care. This is the foundation of our work. We’re licensed and regulated in England by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

End-of-life Care

Most of us would like to spend our final days and weeks in peace, dignity and comfortable surroundings. During these final days, we inevitably want to be surrounded by our family and close friends To reduce the stress of unfamiliar surroundings such as a care home, hospice or hospital. We can support people to return home from the hospital to enable the last days to be spent with home comforts and in the company of those closest to you. The main types of end-of-life care include:
Respite breaks, emotional support
Overnight care and support
health care, including administering medication or changing catheters
personal care, such as toileting, bathing, washing and dressing
Support with mobility and position changes.

Complex care at home:

Supporting people with complex care needs can be a challenging experience for families and carers alike. For the service user themselves, it’s important to be in a safe and comfortable environment where they can live life the way they choose to. Our team of care staff are compassionate, dedicated and highly skilled. They know that every individual deserves to live life their way. We offer comprehensive care for adults, the elderly, we offer: :

• PEG feeding – PEG (Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy) is when a tube is passed into the individual’s stomach via the abdominal wall. This provides a means of feeding when eating by mouth is not possible or isn’t sufficient. PEG feeding can be helpful in several circumstances to avoid malnutrition. The individual need for a PEG would be identified by our specialist team and discussed with the individual.
• Stoma care – A stoma is an opening on the abdomen (stomach) which allows faeces or urine to be collected in a pouch (bag) on the outside of the body. Stoma care is the management of the stoma and the bag and can also include managing physical issues and skin problems. Care can also include supporting with the emotional impact of having a stoma, for example, depression or anxiety.
• Dementia care – Our dementia care includes support for individuals with dementia caused by Alzheimer’s, stroke, head injury or brain tumour, among other.
• End-of-life care – Our staff are trained to deliver the end of life care with empathy, ensuring the individual’s final days are spent in as much comfort as possible.
• Palliative Care- Palliative care is a specialised form of care for a person with a terminal illness. As the illness cannot be cured, palliative care’s focus is on making a patient as comfortable as possible during their final days. We Offer: Pain Management – Easing pain through medications and other treatments. Alleviating Other Symptoms – Providing highly skilled management of a wide range of symptoms. These can include nausea, constipation etc. Alleviating the management of side effects caused by painkillers can also be important. Personal Care – Help wash, dress and use the toilet when required. Continence Care – Changing continence pads or managing catheters and stomas. Company & Emotional Support – Emotional, psychological and spiritual support. Both for a patient and their loved ones. This can include things like providing companionship with a patient over a cup of tea.

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